Prostate MRI

Prostate MRI Using UroNav Software

3T Imaging is proud to be among the first MRI centers to offer Prostate MRI exams for (a) disease staging and for (b) MRI images to be used in guiding biopsy procedures to target specific lesions within the prostate. Only a 3 Tesla MRI is capable of producing sufficient resolution for Prostate MRI without the use of an endo-rectal coil (other MRI facilities, including most hospitals, that do not have a 3Tesla MRI require that the MRI exam be completed with an endo-rectal coil used to improve the image resolution).

3T Imaging offers referring urologists the ability to complete targeted prostate biopsies.  3T Imaging uses UroNav Fusion Biopsy software to target specific lesions within the prostate gland.  Urologists can use our Prostate MRI exams to attempt to biopsy those specific portions of the prostate gland that appear most suspicious.

Far Lower Cost to Patient Compared to Hospitals

3T Imaging’s Prostate MRI exam cost to patients will typically be a fraction of the cost of the same exam from a hospital.  Please feel free to call us to discuss your insurance coverage and what the costs of the procedure to you will be.

3T takes all major insurances and our prices are typically thousands of dollars less than hospital prices for the same exam.

UroNav system

UroNav system

UroNav system

For a complete description of the UroNav system, click on this link:

Why Choose a 3 Tesla MRI?

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