Myelograms @ 3T Imaging of Morton Grove

A Myelogram is an x-ray study of the spine, that uses dye directly injected into your spinal canal to show where your spinal cord or nerves may be damaged by bone or disc in your spine. It is often used, in addition to an MRI study, to clearly define the structure of the nerves.

You will be on an x-ray table on your stomach for a study of the lower spine, or on your side for a study of the upper spine. X-ray guidance will be used to locate the site to access the spinal canal. Your skin will be numb from a local anesthetic, a thin needle will be placed to access the spinal fluid, then the dye will be injected. After this, a series of x-rays will be taken. This takes about one hour, and completes the myelogram portion of the procedure.

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