Far Lower Prices Than Hospital MRI / CT / Ultrasound / Xray

For patients that have deductibles, the out-of-pocket-cost for exams at 3T Imaging will be a fraction of the cost charged by Hospitals for the same exams.  3T Imaging is an independent facility and, as a result, 3T Imaging’s contracts with Medicare, BCBS and other insurance payers define the dollar cost of our procedures at a level typically 30-60% of the dollar cost agreed upon with Hospitals for the same service.  That means that for patients with a deducible, the cost-to-patient at 3T for an MRI, CT, etc will be 30-60% of what the patient would pay at a Hospital.  Patients can save literally thousands of dollars by having MRI, CT and other exams performed at 3T Imaging rather than going to a Hospital.

In addition, Hospitals will typically charge patients two fees: one for the MRI or CT, etc …plus a second fee for the Radiologist that reads the exam.  The Radiologist fee can be hundreds of dollars and hospitals usually don’t include it if they provide any information about their pricing prior to service.

If you have a deductible, the full hospital charge will be passed on to you until your deductible is exhausted.  So, the extra expense of advanced imaging (such as an MRI or CT) can be thousands of dollars more at a hospital than at 3T Imaging.

3T Imaging accepts all major insurance and 3T prices always include both the imaging exam and the radiologist fee.

Why Choose a 3 Tesla MRI?

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